Safely Remove Trees with the Right Tree Cutting Equipment

Tree cutting and removal can be costly and even dangerous. Professionals use the proper safety outfit and equipment when on a job.

The appropriate tree cutting equipment is needed to accomplish the successful and risk-free removal of trees. Equipment that tree cutting companies use depends on the kind of job required by tree owners. The basic tools which you should have before embarking on this job include the following:

  • Chainsaw
  • Pole saw
  • Wood chipper
  • Stump Grinder
  • Rope for climbing
  • Safety harness

Description of Basic Equipment

The most essential tree cutting implement is the safety strap which is used by the cutter in climbing trees. You can use the climbing saddle variety which is common in the market. It has nylon belts that can be fitted around the waist and thighs of the person climbing the tree. There is an anchor to which the rope is attached. The durable rope also enables cutters to climb trees with minimal risks.

Chainsaws are handy mechanical saws which ensure quick and dependable results in cutting wood. Many of the power chainsaws run on two-stroke engines, electricity, compressed air, electricity or hydraulic force. The chain is similar to that of the bicycle which has pointed metal edges and rotates at fast speed. This is from 36 to 63 miles per hour and facilitates the quick incision on the trunk. You have to apply lubricants on the saw to ensure continuous operation and blocking.

The stump grinder is for tree and stump removal when the tree has already been cut. The base is difficult to remove and requires a powerful tool like this grinder. It has a rotary disk or wheel cutter equipped with carbide (combination of carbon compound and metal) that mashes roots and stumps into miniscule chips. The stump is pulverized downward until it is just several inches under the ground. This tool comes in three fundamental types such as the self-propelled, handle bar and tow-behind units. The handle bar variety requires the operator to push the equipment just like a lawnmower. On the other hand, self-propelled units utilize fingertip boards to manipulate direction. Tow-behind grinders are hauled by tractors, pick-up trucks or side steers. These are perfect for heavy-duty requirements.

Tree cutting companies also make use of pole saws which are smaller versions of this saw attached to extension poles. This boosts the reach of saws to a maximum of 12 feet or 3.6 meters. Pole saws are usually powered by kerosene fuel and electric motors. The tool is very light and can easily be carried around.

The wood chipper is used in clipping branches into bark-size pieces for resale or easier dumping. One form of chipper is for personal use while the other is used by industrial firms. The personal chipper is small and can be pulled by a small truck for light jobs. The chip truck is recommended for industrial-size tasks since the brush can be attached directly to the rear portion of the truck. This allows easy conveyance and cleaning up. There are many trucks sold or leased by equipment companies for tree and stump removal.