The Cost of Tree Removal

Learn about the factors that tree cutting companies consider in order to arrive at a cost.

Tree removal may be necessary despite the negative effects. There are several things to consider before you embark on this herculean task. First and foremost, the owner of the property has to inquire with local authorities and homeowners associations about permits and tree removal regulations. Second, cutting trees is a difficult task. It has to be done by experts who can cut trees without destroying structures. Third, this job is more hazardous if the trees were planted near electrical power cables. Last, trees located near buildings and fencing structures are not easy to cut. Those situated in open spaces are easier to cut off. Pricing schemes are based not only on the loftiness and thickness but on the tree’s site, form and number of branches.

Procedures in Costing

Tree Size

Tree cutting service cost is contingent on the dimensions which means smaller hardwood is easier to cut compared to larger trees. The first group consists of undersized trees which is 25 feet or below and up to 12 inches in width. Homeowners pay roughly $8 for every foot. Medium-sized trees measure from 25 to 50 feet and between one to two feet in thickness. The cost is normally $9 per foot. Outsized trees are from 50 to 90 feet in tallness and two to four feet in breadth. Tree removal cost is something like $10 for one foot. The standard rate is a minimum of $125 up to $1,400.


The charges proposed by service providers are not limited to simple cutting but cleaning up all the rubbish composed of leaves and twigs. It can also include the procedure of branch chipping or wood crushing which is priced from $65 to $150 for the use of the machine. Majority of these firms will do away with boughs but not the huge tree trunks. These are often left with customers for use as firewood. Discarding the trunk alone can cost approximately $350. Tree and stump removal are often considered separate responsibilities.

The price generally includes climbing of trees, lashing the branches and chopping appendages into smaller dimensions so these can be managed easily by workers. It is essential to ask the tree removal firms if their quotes cover towing the trunk portions. Some service providers charge up to $400 for hauling of trunks and twigs.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Trees can be damaged because of natural causes such as typhoons and cyclones. These are complicated issues that require additional techniques and consume more time. In fact, there are trees that grow right in the center of some houses. This is a convoluted chore which makes it harder for tree cutting companies. There are also special trees like the Southern Oak tree with an enormous span and cost more than $10,000 for removal. The process cannot be done manually and require the use of equipment such as cranes with hoist and chains. Rentals of said machines are quite expensive and will certainly add to the overall cost of tree cutting services. Some companies also hire specialists in the care of trees making the service more expensive.