Tree Stump Removal Methods

Need to remove a tree stump? Learn about the various useful and effective tree stump removal methods.

In tree and stump removal, the job is only finished after the base is removed. The remnants of the trunk and roots will ultimately decompose. Majority of homeowners will want to remove the stump. However, this is not an easy job and requires careful planning. Likewise, you can look at different techniques and pick the one which will fit into your preference.

Removal by Stump Grinder

The use of stump grinders is considered the most reliable method to do away with stumps, immediately. The grinder or cutter is a power stool that crushes the stump down to the ground. It has a spherical blade that breaks up the stump into tiny fragments. Just make sure that you take away the stones and other waste materials on all sides of the stub. You can rent this machine but some people opt to hire a competent landscape artist to work on the whole thing. The whole process takes only two hours to finish. If you decide to choose do-it-yourself tree and stump removal, it is important to wear appropriate safety paraphernalia such as boots with steel toes, long sleeves, pants, and protection for the eyes.

Using Chemical Substances

There are over-the-counter chemical products which are available in home garden stores. These chemicals hasten the rotting process through potassium nitrate compounds. These chemicals have high nitrogen content needed to spawn the growth of bacteria. The development of microorganisms makes putrefaction easy. You can drill holes through the stump so you can put the chemicals combined with water. It may take several weeks or months for the chemicals to take effect.

Manual Removal of Stumps

When tree cutting is finished, you can also choose to remove stump manually. Do not try to dig the remaining base and all of the roots while these are still in one piece. It takes a lot of time and effort to do this. The best way is to dig around the border and uncover as much of the roots as you can. You can make use of a large axe or circular saw. Loosen the soil just about the stump and weed it out from all flanks until it can be pulled out.

Burning Tree Stumps

It is also possible to burn stamps after tree removal. You can bore holes on the base of the tree and pour fuel oil or kerosene but not gasoline. Allow the kerosene to stay there for at least one week. Light the stump and let it burn for several days until all that is left is a burnt hole. The last procedure is natural removal or doing nothing but to let it crumble or simply left in the ground to decay. This is an ideal option for small or medium-sized tree stumps. Another alternative is to cover the remnants of the tree with soil covering or fertilizer to produce molds and microbes that will lead to corrosion. There are several choices so it is up to you to take your pick. Choose one that will fit easily into your budget.